CAIT is a virtual center, meaning that we use existing spaces on campus for our in-person programming. Research takes place in the individual labs of our participating faculty. This unfortunately means that there's not a location to "visit".

At this time, CAIT fellowships are only available to PhD students at Columbia Engineering. If you are enrolled in another program at Columbia, or are not a Columbia student, you're still welcome to attend CAIT events. Sign up for our mailing list to learn more about upcoming events.

If you are a student interested in working in a lab with a faculty member, please reach out to that faculty member directly.

All full research proposals should be scoped to 12 months. The themes for projects and funding details are listed in the CFP announcement. The Center's Advisory Group will review full proposal submissions. Projects will either be funded as a gift or through a Sponsored Research mechanism, depending on the types of research and interest. Research Projects may be led by one or more faculty members from any school of Columbia University. They may include the support of post-doctoral researchers, PhD students, research staff, or other Columbia students. Research proposals that include an Amazon research collaborator are strongly encouraged.

Faculty who are Amazon Scholars can submit proposals to the Center, but they need to follow the standard university Conflict of Interest (COI) policy and process. They will need to update their COI form on RASCAL, ensure there is clear separation between their work at Amazon and their current or proposed research on campus, and meet requirements from the Conflict of Interest Committee. They are encouraged to consult with Naomi Schrag early in advance of proposal submission.

Email [email protected] for further information.